Want to Advertise on Manchester Box Office?

We offer a range of advertising packages to suit any budget. Great for Manchester Businesses, hotels, shops, tourist attractions, restaurants, bars and much, much more!

Prices start from £150 for a month for a 300px x 300px square banner which will be displayed by all posts and pages (apart from the homepage)

300 x 300 ad size example



Or you can have a full ‘post’ or article style advertisement which can include any content you choose including images. These posts cost £500 for 1 year and appear for a limited time on the home page as well as being accessible to visitors over the whole year.

If you wish your advert to remain on the Homepage (a sticky) in a prime spot then the cost is only £750 for a standard post for a year and for a large double sized post on the homepage (a big Sticky) it is £1000 for the year (plus you can opt to have a 300 x 300 banner as well for just £100 a month instead of £150 a month).

An example of a post can be found here:

Example Advertisement Article/Post


Although only a small site we have grown each year since launch and our click-through rate is well above the 10% Average –  each month we see this  continue to grow. Here are our basic stats year by year since launch:

YEAR          UNIQUE VISITORS          NUMBER OF VISITS                  PAGE VIEWS                    HITS

2012            3007                                         7402                                      55982                        154008

2013           19058                                        28106                                   111913                       833066

2014            31309                                       51651                                    296043                     1651996

2015            44703                                       62521                                    331139                      2230728

These figures do not include traffic generated by robots, worms, or replies with special HTTP status codes and so are actual views from real people.

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Manchester Box Office is a great place to advertise as our site visitors all have one thing in common… they are coming to Manchester! More than just a ticket sales portal, Manchester Box Office is fast becoming the complete what’s on and visitors guide to Manchester. We are continually ranking well in the major search engines and all our traffic is driven naturally via quality content. Advertising space is extremely limited to 5 300 x 300 banners per page and as each banner appears on ALL posts and pages (except the homepage) your advert is virtually guaranteed to be seen by EVERY visitor to Manchester Box Office. If you wish to have a full post advertisement, then this can include photographs, special offers, menus, links to your website and much, much more! Simply CONTACT US HERE with your requirements and for further details.