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What’s on Manchester: Cirque Berserk 2016 Tickets at the Palace Theatre, Manchester

Monday 7th – Wednesday 9th March 2016

Matinee & Early Evening & Late Evening Performances#

Tickets from £16.90

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Showcasing the finest in traditional circus thrills and skills, Cirque Berserk! brings this treasured form of live entertainment bang up-to-date in a jaw-dropping spectacular – created especially for the theatre.

Blending contemporary cirque skills with thrilling stunt action, this astoundingly talented international troupe includes over thirty jugglers, acrobats, aerialists, dancers, drummers, death-defying stunt men and of course the award-winning clown, Tweedy.

The show also features the world’s most dangerous circus act – the legendary motorcycle ‘Globe of Terror’. Don’t miss it!


Timbuktu Tumblers – Taking acrobatic art from the street to a whole new level, The Timbuktu Tumblers present an incredible display of pyramids, jumping through hoops and flaming limbo poles, set to blow you away with their energy and skill.

Bolas Argentinas – Most famously used by the gauchos (Argentinian cowboys), Gabriel and Germaine make the tradition throwing weapons “bolas” their own in a dangerous display of daring and talent. Do not try this at home!

Odka – With the ability to shoot an arrow with perfect aim with her feet whilst standing on her head, this “Lady from the Bottle”, straight from Mongolia, is the most flexible archer you will ever encounter!

Duo Ramona – Experience strength, beauty and a beautiful sense of equilibrium with Finish Duo Ramona’s extraordinary handstand act. Makes the most difficult balances seem effortless!

Tropicana Troupe – This outstanding troupe all the way from Cuba will catapult themselves high into the air as they perform a range of incredible tricks from flick flacks to somersaults!

Jackie – “The higher the better” is the motto of strap acrobat Jackie from the United Kingdom, who performs hair-raising tricks mid-air to the astonishment of audiences.

Kremena – Hand-balancer Kremena combines all her strength, flexibility and elegance to perform a sequence of dazzling hand stands, each one more difficult than the last!

Germaine Delbosq – Germaine from France is one of the most skilled foot jugglers of our time, able to throw and catch balls, rings, cubes and even flaming object with her feet!

Tweedy – A comedy and slapstick legend! No matter what he does, Tweedy seems to get into a mess, but to the delight of audiences of all ages he can always find a creative way to get out of it. Tweedy will never get too big for his pants, his pants will always be too big for him.

The Lucius Team – Globe of Terror – The astonishing Lucius Team presents a petrol-fuelled hair-raiser: The Globe of Terror! Live on stage, up to 4 motorbike riders will roar into the globe during this death-defying act. Hold your breath and raise the roof. The louder you scream, the faster they go!

Toni – Knife Throwing – Nothing will prepare you for the speed with which the Czech knife thrower Toni hurls knifes and axes towards the board, without as much as a graze to the skin of his brave wife….we hope.

Berserk Dancers and Aerial Ballet – Led by exotic dancer Adi from Cuba, ‘The Cirque Berserk Dancers and Aerial Ballet will delight you throughout the show as we transition between all of Cirque Berserk’s incredible acts.

Zula – Zula is a Mongolian master of the Tower of Chairs; one of the oldest thrill acts in the world. Despite its age, the stunt has lost nothing of its thrilling quality.

Billy – A giant robot that walks onto the stage and starts spewing fire? Yes indeed! Juggler Billy has his first crack at operating our giant, fire-breathing robot and has created a dazzling performance that needs to be seen to be believed.




“Great for kids and even better for adults!”

The Sun


“Heart-stoppingly good fun”

Time Out

“Adrenaline pumping entertainment!”

Sunday Mirror

“Leaves one breathless with excitement”

Daily Telegraph


“Pitched perfectly between being a traditional circus experience and a theatrical production like Cirque Soleil – this is a show not to be missed!”

Birmingham Mail



“Fast-paced circus-with-a-difference – a veritable feast for the eyes and ears!”

Manchester Evening News

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