JLS Tickets for Manchester are going for just over £15.00!

Here at Manchester Box Office we regularly search the internet for the best prices we can possibly find for theatre and concert tickets for shows in Manchester, This is so we can pass on these great savings to you our readers. Well, on a recent scouting visit we found that it is possible to pick up a ticket for next weeks JLS tour which is hitting Manchester for three dates. Now, If you have read the horror stories about ticket exchange websites, then you are probably thinking that they will cost hundreds of pounds. But that is just not the case… well, not all the time. (yes, sometimes tickets are sold for hundreds of pounds, but if you know where to look, and we do, you can pick up a bargain.) So, what did we find today?

How about a pair of JLS tickets for £30!!!! (yes, you read that right…. a pair of tickets!)

Now, these tickets wont last that long at this price, but right at this very minute, that is how much you can get them for, here is where we found them:



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