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Psychic Sally – Call Me Psychic Tickets at the Palace Theatre, Manchester

Monday 10th April 2017


Tickets from £30.40


The nations favourite psychic, Sally Morgan is back and better than ever with her brand new and most jaw-dropping show yet – Call Me Psychic.

Funny, entertaining, sometimes heart breaking, often controversial; the show celebrates her 8th year on the road. Sally say’sEvery night when I’m on stage amazing things happen and it’s a privilege to be able to pass on messages of love and comfort to the people I share my gift with’.

This is a fantastic and unique evening out not to be missed. Book your tickets now to see this phenomenal psychic in action!

The show is investigational and for the purpose of entertainment.

Sally Morgan is an ordinary woman with an extraordinary gift.

She discovered from a young age that was she was seeing and experiencing was not sufficed to say normal. There have been many highs and lows in Sally’s life so far but with the support of her friends, family and supporters she always manages to keep a smile on her face.

Having been born and raised and Fulham, Sally proudly comes from a working class background. Her psychic experiences started when she was very young citing her first ghost at the age of four. Sally has always believed that she inherited her ability from her Grandmother who was affectionately known locally as the witch of Fulham.

“Back then psychics were not so openly accepted so when Nanny Gladys used to have her ‘knowings’ as she called them, people thought she was crazy. She used to sell newspapers at a street stall in Fulham and many used to get much more than they bargained for!”

Sally eventually started to see the future for her friends and realised that she should learn to harness the ability. Throughout the years Sally’s gift grew naturally and she admits herself that in her early twenties she used the gift as a party piece giving readings casually to friends. Her accuracy quickly became apparent and she established an excellent reputation, which led her to start practicing as a professional medium. Sally built up an extensive client list including celebrities, royalty alike; she read for Princess Diana for four years.

“The best thing I did was starting my own psychic practice. It was the first time that I truly had the chance to develop my ability and share it with others in a forum I felt comfortable with. I never had to advertise as my client list simply grew through word of mouth; it was very humbling.”

In 2005 Sally was tested by Professor Gary Schwartz, a Harvard University Ph.D. graduate. After the experiment he regarded her as one of the best mediums that he had ever tested and even rated her as one of the top five psychics in the world.

“I have never tried or wanted to convert anyone throughout my life as a medium. I believe that everyone is entitled to his or her own belief system and all I aim to do is share with people the possibility that there is an afterlife.”

Sally was launched into the public spotlight with her TV series Star Psychic in 2007. Since then she’s had success with several TV documentaries including Psychic Sally Big Fat Operation, a fly on the wall documentary showing Sally’s life changing weight loss operation.

“Deciding to have the surgery was a life changing deciding but one not without risks. However, weighing 23 stone I was severely obese and after a minor heart attack I had to do something drastic. It is a very intrusive operation and can be dangerous. It has however been one of the best decisions I have ever made. For me it has been the best decision I have ever made and I have lost a staggering 14 stone. I now feel confident and most of all healthy as my diet has radically changed and I am now able to do simple things like walking upstairs without getting out of breath!”

In recent years Sally has been a star of her Sky LIVING series Psychic Sally on the Road, which provided a unique insight into Sally’s bizarre world including her gruelling tour schedule and life at home with the Morgan’s. In late 2012, Sally appeared on a Horror Special of Channel 4’s Come Dine With Me alongside Robert Englund (aka Freddie Krueger!), Alex Reid and model Nicola McClean. Sally was able to showcase her culinary and hosting skills and ended up the victor of the show, winning the £1,000 for charity.

As well as a TV star Sally is a successful theatre touring artist. She has toured the UK for over 7 years performing around 120 shows per year. She also took her interactive show to Australia and was back there in June 2015. Sally is also the author of three best-selling books; her biography My Psychic Life, Healing Spirits and Life After Death. In 2013 she self-published her fourth book My Heavenly Truth and her fifth book Call Me Psychic, was also self published in June 2015.

Sally has had an outstanding career, which is largely down to her warm and down to earth personality. Her no holds barred and matter of fact manner has attracted a whole new audience to the spiritual world.

“I do my work out of pure love and for me it is an honour. I like showing people that talking about spirits and ghosts does not have be scary. If they can find comfort in knowing that their loved ones are still with them then I think that’s a wonderful thing.”



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